Deploy Edge Node Manually

  • Copy $GOPATH/src/ to your working directory and change to the name of edge node

    mkdir -p ~/kubeedge/yaml
    cp $GOPATH/src/ ~/kubeedge/yaml


      "kind": "Node",
      "apiVersion": "v1",
      "metadata": {
        "name": "edge-node",
        "labels": {
          "name": "edge-node",
          "": ""


  1. the must keep in line with edgecore’s config modules.edged.hostnameOverride.
  2. Make sure role is set to edge for the node. For this a key of the form "" must be present in metadata.labels. If role is not set for the node, the pods, configmaps and secrets created/updated in the cloud cannot be synced with the node they are targeted for.
  • Deploy edge node (you must run the command on cloud side)
kubectl apply -f ~/kubeedge/yaml/node.json