Upgrading KubeEdge

Please refer to following guide to upgrade your KubeEdge cluster.



Backup edgecore database at each edge node:

$ mkdir -p /tmp/kubeedge_backup
$ cp /var/lib/kubeedge/edgecore.db /tmp/kubeedge_backup/


You can keep old config to save some custom changes as you wish.


After upgrading, some options may be deleted and some may be added, please don’t use old config directly.

Stop Processes

Stop edgecore processes one by one, after ensuring all edgecore processes are stopped, stop cloudcore.

The way to stop depends on how you deploy:

  • for binary or “keadm”: use kill
  • for “systemd”: use systemctl

Clean up

$ rm -rf /var/lib/kubeedge /etc/kubeedge

Restore Database

Restore database at each edge node:

$ mkdir -p /var/lib/kubeedge
$ mv /tmp/kubeedge_backup/edgecore.db /var/lib/kubeedge/


Read the setup for deployment.